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Just a couple of pix from my upcoming build up...

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These are a couple of pix from my build that is in progress I'm still missing lots of parts... more pix will be up soon ;-) Oh and there is a short vid of what's going on on my garage...

Tuner toy Rods VS. STOCK D16Z6

D16z6 Block Preping it for some high boost

Intercooler & Piping

My new turbo tdo6 20g

My hatch (red_hatchback)

Vid (Just a couple of projects)
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Thats gonna be fast, and those rods make the stock ones look like they shouldn't even work.
I know the stock rods are really thin good thing I didn't push the car too hard My z6 only saw 10psi of boost from the 15g and a couple of 13.0 ets. :twisted:

Phantom Civic said:
Thats gonna be fast, and those rods make the stock ones look like they shouldn't even work.
New Goodies!!!

Well the wiseco pistons just arrived today i'm still waiting on other parts so I can put everything together.

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I Wish I Had Those Sexy Pistons!!!! Nice, Very Nice
grandpa said:
As far as for a cam you cant run a S/3 with a turbo. crower makes a turbo S/2 that will work best on your set up, you have to be carefull with the overlap on the cam spec and a S/3 has lots of it. Good luck!

:werd: I've been lookin' at a similar setup and, from my understanding, the Crower S/3 is NA might wanna give them a call and see if they've ever run it in a boosted car.

Everything else looks awesome though! i'm soooo jealous!
I think i'm going with a custom cam from crower.. if not i'll just get zex 59500
Looking good bro. I love how those pistons just shine the light at you
looking good mate! keep those pic's coming!
Niiice setup man.
Nice can we get some updates..Pics..
I just got the wastegate in today, it has a 0.4bar (5.80psi) spring, so we can tune it in 5psi increments. Still waiting on alot of parts like the blockguard, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, map sensor, yada yada yada.... but everything is coming in next week, hopefully. This is the Tial Gastegate. Enjoy.


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it's blang blanging
Looks good man. Cant wait to see it all together.
damn, blingin Tial!! looking damn good :TU:

this setup is going to rock!
red_hatchback said:
Tuner toy Rods VS. STOCK D16Z6
That's a great picture. Those stock rods look like toothpicks next to our H-Beams.

Couple of notes.
- To get a good fit on the Wisecos, have the pin end of the rods honed to match the pins from the Wisecos.
- Notch the block while you have it torn down, before you get it cleaned. It's necessary for any H-Beam rod.

here are some more pix of the tial

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/\ damn now that i sweet i can't wait to get mine in the mail soon. Im pretty much gonna have the same setup as you red, but im rockin a coupe. don't worry ill post my track times and we will compare
cool i'm this time i'm shooting for mid to low 11's but on a td06 20g
I never realized how skinny the d16z6 rod's were, and when people refer to teh d15 rod's as skinny they must be literaly tooth picks
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