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Just a couple of pix from my upcoming build up...

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These are a couple of pix from my build that is in progress I'm still missing lots of parts... more pix will be up soon ;-) Oh and there is a short vid of what's going on on my garage...

Tuner toy Rods VS. STOCK D16Z6

D16z6 Block Preping it for some high boost

Intercooler & Piping

My new turbo tdo6 20g

My hatch (red_hatchback)

Vid (Just a couple of projects)
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Yeah i'll take some more pix i'm just waiting on my wiseco pistons, cc-fab ramhorn turbo manifold, P&P Head, Tial 38mm external wastegate, block guard, 3bar map sensor, edelbrock victor x manifold, and I still need to orderd valves springs, and retainer, and crower stage 3 cam Will see if all that can help me achieve my 350whp goal.
thanks...hopefully i can do that since my goals are 350hp and low 11 second time slips...
Oh by the way what do you guys think about the crower stage 3 cam?? These car is my daily driver but i don't really care about the lumpy idle or anything like that the only thing that I wouldn't want is for the car to die on every stop. LMK what you guys think
Wiseco .20 over 8.5:1 Hopefully they will be here by tomorrow that way i'll have the longblock ready by next tuesday or wednesday.

mikeD16Z6 said:
lookin good man. Nice beefy rods, makes the stockers look like toothpics.

What pistons are you going with?
whats up..

Cuong-Nutz said:
Sup Slow_Talon
Well its already port and polished..I'm going to change the valvetrain and cam, I don't know about milling it since i'm afraid the timing might change and i really don't want to mess around with the timing alot. I just want to be able to make power till 8000rpms and not worry about valvetrain failure that way I can get the most out of the 20g
I know the stock rods are really thin good thing I didn't push the car too hard My z6 only saw 10psi of boost from the 15g and a couple of 13.0 ets. :twisted:

Phantom Civic said:
Thats gonna be fast, and those rods make the stock ones look like they shouldn't even work.
New Goodies!!!

Well the wiseco pistons just arrived today i'm still waiting on other parts so I can put everything together.

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I think i'm going with a custom cam from crower.. if not i'll just get zex 59500
I just got the wastegate in today, it has a 0.4bar (5.80psi) spring, so we can tune it in 5psi increments. Still waiting on alot of parts like the blockguard, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, map sensor, yada yada yada.... but everything is coming in next week, hopefully. This is the Tial Gastegate. Enjoy.


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here are some more pix of the tial

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cool i'm this time i'm shooting for mid to low 11's but on a td06 20g
Here is the intake manifold. Edelbrock Performer X

Intake with GSR throttle body

Still waiting for more parts!!! Need to finish this bish up :holla:
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they don't make victor x for the d16 they only make performer x
well i received another package today from tunertoys... well I'm a little upset since I order the 3bar map sensor, golden eagle vaccum source, and the golden eagle block guard and well I just received the map sensor and the vaccum source there was no blockguard and no invoice...but here are some pix anyways hopefully Craig can help me out on this one I need the block guard really bad...... :cussing:

and the boxes keep up pilling up

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this guy has almos the same setup as me exept my turbo is a tdo6 20g and his is a td05 20g meaning that he has better spool up time but hopefully I can put down this #'s or some better ones....
I'll have that cover by then and well that's the goal that will have to be accomplished .... 8) we'll see what happens pretty soon....
Yeah CRAIG and STACEY got my problem fixed already they sent the blockguard today I already have a tracking # thanks
yeah no problem thanks craig and TunerToys... :D
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