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Big fan of Journey and I have to said that I really miss Steve Perry. But I must admit that new lead singer Arnel Pineda can fucking sing. This guy can sing his ass off and Damm he sounds just like Perry.

Just got Journey's new CD and it really shows his ability as a singer, Revelation which is being out since July came with two CD's and one DVD and walmart has it for $11.88 It has 11 of the classics with Pineda's voice
and 11 New songs that are the reason Journey are who they are.

The DVD is a live Concert of Journey in Miami and watching it really shows why they went and got this little Philipino guy.

You can hear Journey's new single in the radio "After all this years" and this song is really pick up slots on Billboard.
Dedicated to my Wife already and she started crying when she heard it, us dealing with her cancer and stuff.

Check the CD out guys and tell what you think.
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