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JosA's 93 si hatch (finally lol)

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Ok.. so I'm about 98% done with my motor build/install etc..
Here is what I've done in the past year.

So far I went out and bought Eagle Rods and Vitara Pistons.

When I bought the car:


Picked up a few goodies today!

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why reserve why not post when you got the pics? I ruined your shit ahhahahaha

edit...have a mod remove my post when you start upping pics
Ill take you in a ride in my car so you can hear vtak :D Since thats all its good for
Koni/GC setup w/ extended top hats, 22mm ITR rear sway w/ ASR brace.
4pt bolt in roll cage (custom to keep rear seats)
New front strut tower bar.

Also new tire setup.
BFG Drag Radials in front, new tires in the rear (probably ASTs or Zeix 912s)

I can't decide if I want 205 or 225s in front. Yes I'll have to raise the car in front :( Make em look like slicks and shit lol!
im sitting on all 4, 912s, 205 50 15
Looking good...what day is the dyno i wanna come out?
I cant make it....I fail my car is still broken.
Good job jose
So when you gonna give me a ride?
ROFL in the video call out CJ hard parkin
Sorry he isnt a jew. Hes a ******.
lol...with long flowing locks.
Tons of Axel grease on it lol
10k miles and still running strong :) didnt come vist when CJ and I were at Sammo's.
1 - 11 of 389 Posts
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