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JosA's 93 si hatch (finally lol)

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Ok.. so I'm about 98% done with my motor build/install etc..
Here is what I've done in the past year.

So far I went out and bought Eagle Rods and Vitara Pistons.

When I bought the car:


Picked up a few goodies today!

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aw man seein a motor bulid up like that make me JIZZ MY PANT!!!!
I wanted to wait to showcase my build because I wanted to save everyone the 25page read lol!

I'm glad all this stuff fit on 1 page :bigok:

I'll try to get more pics of my wire tuck. It isnt a Rywire harness; but if it works it works lol!

haha word...just take your time to upload the pics, gonna watch this thread very careful :TU:
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nice gagues color :TU: me likey lol
lol not bad....need a better video camera :bigok:

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in for the dyno/ripper vids and of course show us the NUMBERs :TU:
damn son wat a good number man!
still cant wait for the vid lol
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