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Hi guys, im new here. I just wanted to share this build, my brother and i had decided build a motor a few weeks ago since the old motor blew up but thankfully we were able to complete the build within 3 weeks (we hired professionals for the build). Cheers stay safe everyone!

Stock cams, springs and retainers
Ported head
Stock ported intake manifold
60mm throttle body
K series injectors
P29 pistons 75mm
Eagle rods
ARP Head studs
ZC Crank pulley
212 Lightened flywheel
Tri-y headers
Full exhaust
100 octane fuel

Dyno vid here:
Civic EG.jpg

B472197D-6EE5-4B16-954D-646D087825AA.jpeg 2B097242-DA6A-4D51-8F34-8096A2D79C12.jpeg 397B17B3-7402-4988-9D6D-25F6367EF416.jpeg 524CEF09-0B52-4F50-8BE6-F728918F7CBB.jpeg D16 head.jpg

FE3840A2-D896-4FF5-AEBA-ADB399C66B1D.jpeg 46C3C7DC-648A-47AC-8C50-14D61E254C6F.jpeg B0FF2D9B-A9CA-47F7-889C-1BD72BBE3F0D.jpeg Dyno Back EG.jpg

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Sup guys we were able to upgrade some stuff with the car again last night. We changed the trailing arms with drum brakes to trailing arms with disk brakes. luckily we got the trailing arms with energy bushings. Here are the comparison side by side



Although theyre a bit rusty but it still works fine. Were planning to upgrade front(16cl) and rear(7cl) with slotted drilled rotor disk, change the brake pads and add a rear camber kit.

Heres the current suspension setup
BC coilovers 12/10
Front camber kit
Hardrace lower control arms
Asr subframe
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