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im looking to do the JDM D15B swap SOHC VTEC motor, what tranny will work with that motor, if i dont want to swap to hydrolic tranny, and i want to stay with my cable tranny, and when i do this D15B swap, do i use my existing wiring harness that is with my D15B2 motor that is in my car now ??. and since this motor is MPFI and my motor now is DPFI, is this swap going to come with every thing to make my car MPFI, the reason i ask because with the DPFI to MPFI swap, you need that box that has the other 2 injectors on it, what else am i going to need besides what hmotorsonline has with this swap, please let me know i would greatly appreciate it very much. if any one can tell me what else i need to do this swap that would kick ass.


- Motor
- Intake Manifold
- Exhaust Manifold
- Injectors
- Fuel Rail
- Throttle body
- Alternator
- Distributor
- 5 Speed Hydro Tranny (Add $175)
- P08 ECU (Add $125)

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Guessing your currently OBD-0 like i was, when i did a similar swap i found the easiest things was to swap the whole interior loom and engine loom over from an OBD-1 car. Changing the loom over took a good day to do the whole car. That was with 3 of us. Plus side though is there no cutting of wires an it's plug in and play. Hope that helps

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ok well you could convert all of that interior shit and waste a whole day, or you could get a conversion harness. convert your current harness to multipoint. run a few wires for vtec and plug it in to the corresponding pins on the ecu. any sohc d-series cable trans will work with this engine in your car.
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