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I'm looking for all the torgue specs for this engine, can anyone give me the information to rebuild it agian.

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Honda CRX 1.5X (raro) 1980
Honda Civic 25XXT Fórmula1990 (Mercado Japonés)
Honda Civic Ferio EG8(Mercado Japonés)
Honda Capa GA4 1998–2001 (Mercado Japonés)
Cilindrada: 1,493 cc (91.1 cu in)
Diámetro y carrera: 75 × 84.5 mm (3.0 × 3.33 in)
Compresión: 9.2:1
Potencia: 103 hp (77.23 kW, 105 PS) a 6,800 rpm
Torque/ Par: 14.1 kgm (133.4 Nm) a 5,200 rpm
Corte de inyección: 7,200 rpm
Tren de válvulas: SOHC, cuatro válvulas por cilindro
Control de combustible: Doble carburador PGM-CARB/fuel injected

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^ He is looking for torque specs for the engine internals, not rated HP/TQ of the engine.

It uses a Z6 head casting so follow the torque specs for that engine on the head, the bottom end may be different than a standard d15 do to the crank size.

I got this from HT:

rod bolts- 23 ft-lbs

main caps
seperate caps-48 ft lbs

one piece cap assembly- 33 ft-lbs

oil pickup tube - 17 ft-lbs

oil pump screen bolts- 8 ft-lbs

oil pump to engine bolts- 9 ft lbs

oil pan bolts- 9 ft lb
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