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Alright ima try this again...
I posted the wrong info earlier in another thread...

I have a jdm d15b cam in my d16y8 head which is milled .030 over, with a y7 block...

I read that for every .012 milled a retard of 1* is needed??? So since i milled it .030 over i would need to retard the timing 2.5*, correct???

Since the jdm d15b cam is almost the same as the d16z6 cam... and since i have it in the d16y8 head the "half a tooth" theory applies... which means i will have to retard the timing 4.75* correct???

If so would i need to retard the timing to 7.25* for it to be correct, correct???

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks...
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