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ITB setup on ebay

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what do think about this setup forsale? he just has bad luck with feedback.
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I would not buy anything from a smacktart that types like that....:TD:
i kinda of agree with the typing thing, but they look good..i totally want to do somehting like that with my car, but i'm broke
lol...yeah right i seen that.. looks pretty good seems like it has the tps..
just pick up a set of ITBs for a CBR 1100, cut off the flange on an old IM, and take it to a fab shop to have them weld runners on it like that. guaranteed to be cheaper, and you dont have to deal with some ghetto e-thug
is that really all you have to do for itb's? just get them off a bike and have them fab'd up?
is that really all you have to do for itb's? just get them off a bike and have them fab'd up?
No there is a little more than just that ....

So good info in here
lol i serched right after i made my last post and came across a kickass DIY heres the link
Bah. The seller's a moron. If he wants to sell something then his best bet is to learn how to type first. ^ slowcxhatch ... nice find! :TU:
what would you do about the IAC valve???
Most home made ITB setups use the stock injector location for the fuel injectors. Bike ITBs have injector location right after the throttle plates. You could make a vacuum log that bolts or glues into the ITB injector bungs. Remember you need a vacuum source for the brake booster and map sensor.

The EACV is meant for one throttle body, not four. Are you running Crome or Uberdata? ITBs and the stock ECU will run like shit. Get your ECU chipped and run Crome. Then you can run ITBs and not have to worry about the EACV or IAT sensors. Plus you could tune your D15B to run right with the ITBs and actually make more power. Honda Tuning's Dru Barrios put ITBs on a D16Y8 and gained over 20 whp!!!!:alky:
^^^That's pretty sweet. What all did he have done to the Y8?
The motor has a stock block and head! :shocked: The motor baselined with 107 whp and 100 ft lbs of torque. With the ITBs and no tuning he got 129 whp and 113 ft lbs! The article later said he was able to tune out 142 whp and 120 ft lbs of torque with Uberdata!:bigrofl:
nice...pretty good HP gains
WOW thats sick ass! No tuning and more power right off the bat, and good gains too!

Wondering if ITB's can be done on an automatic civic with gains?
does anyone know where I can get another copy of that article on the itbs, or at least what the cover looks like.
:werd: to many Z's instead of S's there!
+2 would be probably $300 wasted if u bought off that guy...
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