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As most of you know my Cam Follower pads where worn flat. In under 2000 Kms.

I think I have finally figured out what caused the followers to wear. Its pitting off the metal on the lobes.
Will attach pictures for sure.

Whats the best thing to do now.

Options Im considering
1. Send it back to web cam shafts and let them have a look.
2. Send it to somebody like Delta Cam Shafts and ask them to weld it and re-grind it. But if the base metal is porous will this work ?

3. Write it off as a total loss. Send a stock cam to Delta or Colt and have them grind a cam.

The pores on the cam profile are hard to catch with my crappy phone cam. So am waiting for a mate to bring his high end cam over.

Will post pictures.

Ps: This has nothing to do with the level X cam that we received in two pieces.
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