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Hey all,
I'm brand new here so I'm just introducing myself and my plans for a 1990 Civic HB. There are some oddities about the car, as the engine is a D15B2 paired with what i believe is a four-speed (manual) cable actuated transmission. The linkage will move over to where fifth gear would normally be, but will not engage, and reverse is all the way to the right and down. The car appears to have been manufactured for the Canadian market, and when I purchased it, there was no passenger side mirror. This info leads me to believe that it is an STD model that was swapped some time in its past?

Anyways, the plan for this car is to drop the dual point setup and swap in a D16Z6. After that swap is successful, look to add a turbo setup.

I found the useful link on Angelfire outlining most of the swap info, but any other advice and tips are much appreciated!
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