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Questions from other members said:
Q: is this for a sohc motor?
A: its posted on all the questions on the bottom people ask me. d series is a sohc motor

Q: what motor was it for? thanks Adam
A: d series

Q: What engine is the super charger for B or D
A: D series engine

Q: is this the manifold that the supercharger bolts upto? do you know what civic engine it bolts up to? D/B series?
A: This is what the supercharger bolts up to. its for a d series engine
i just about shit myself when i read this part of the ad. talk about think headed people.. asking the same question over and over, like the answer is going to change just cause they ask again :lol:.. i am almost temped to ask the seller the same question again. just to piss them off :lol:..

for those that dont want to click... at time of my post it was at US $10.49 + $25 shipping. which is dirty cheap. suprised the s/c guys arent all over this. would be anice little manifold for some port work and not downing thier car other then the time it takes to swap manifolds. :D
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