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Hello! Thankyou for the attention.

I'm most of the way through a fresh rebuild on my turbo ZC (new gaskets, w pump, machined head etc).
The mechanic helping me is great but hes no honda expert.
The setup is running very small boost, but i'd like to strap on a front-mount intcooler while everything is being pieced back together.

Question; What intercooler could I use? (From what car or model). Does only
the size matter?
And shall I only purchase one that comes with piping? would it be
easy to find a piping kit suited especially for ZC?
What kind of piping would you choose if you could NOT weld? (if
that is possible)

THANKYOU! god bless

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If you cannot weld I would look up go autoworks and buy one of there intercooler kits, I herd they fit nicely and everything is great quality. It doesn't really matter what size anything helps just remember the bigger you go you will have to either remove the crash support beam or trim the inside of the bumper

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If you can stand to not have the blingiest polished aluminum eBay piping . . . any exhaust shop can bend up steel exhaust tube to fit if they are creative enough.

The eBay kits aren't exactly correct for any car. They never fit correctly.

I would, as Blu3 pointed out, recommend anything by Go. They have excellent parts and very reasonable prices.

A SAAB or DSM Sidemount intercooler is a tried and true option. I wouldn't use them on anything upgraded as far as a turbo goes, but for smaller turbos they are sized well enough and are easier to fit in the fender well than a typical FMIC.
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