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i did this install today so i thought i would share...this is how i did it...
VAFC2 on a '00 CIVIC DX w/ EX head, using a DX ecu.
tools=8mm & 10mm socket, wire strippers, razor, elecrical tape
first i unhooked neg. terminal of battery, took glovebox off(2 8mm bolts on bottem), took kick panel off, unbolt ecu(2 10mm bolts), unplugged ecu. next i decided where i was going to mount the vafc, it comes with a stand that you can mount anywhere but i chose to put it under my cd player in that little cubby hole, i took that plastic piece out and it fit pretty snug, the vafc harness comes in two pieces so run the half attached to the vafc through the center council around to the back of the glovebox. i used the 2 sided tape to make sure it stayed and then made a plastic piece to cover the rest of the opening.
now its time to play with wires :D cut some of the tape and stuff from the harness so you can work with it. i also marked the plugs A-B-C for easy reference.
you will use ecu diagram- H6-A
vafc wire~ ecu wire~ pin location
ig power, red~ yellow/black~ b1
ig power, red~ yellow/black~ b1
ground, black~ brown/black~ b20
ground, brown~ brown/black~ b20
rpm, green~ blue~ a19
throttle signal, grey~ red/black~ c27
tdc, orange (not used)
vtc, light blue(not used)
vtm, blue(not used)
vtec input, purple(not used) if using a DX ecu
vtec solenoid output, pink *not in ecu harness, see instructions below
pressure signal out(MAP),yellow~ red/green~ c17
pressure signal in(MAP), white~ red/green~ c17

yes, both power wires use the same ecu wire, connect them about 2 inches apart, same with both negatives, but make sure the brown wire is closest to ecu. i used a razor to take some of the ecu wire off then wrapped the vafc wire around it and put tape on it.* for the vtec solenoid output run a wire from the single green wire off the solenoid through the fire wall to the ecu area. use the metal connector supplied to connect to the pink connector on the vafc harness. the red/green ecu MAP wire you must cut, the yellow vafc wire goes to the ecu side, the white vafc wire to the harness side. use the metal connectors on this. now your wiring is complete, you should have four wires left over-orange, light blue, blue, purple. put tape on the ends of them. plug the vafc harness together.
now you can put the plugs back into the ecu, and connect the battery back up. turn the key to the "ON" position, the vafc should light up and flash, then it will come to a menu. the controls are easier than they explain, use the center joystick to navigate, press it to select, the round dial changes the value(right=up, left=down) when your at a screen and want to go back, press the center and a menu will appear-
Tp-back to main menu
Nx-next screen
Pr-previous screen
to do initial setup select "etc." select "sensor no" both should be at 6. go to previous menu select "car select" should say- cyl. 4 thr. /(arrow pointing that way/) and V/T 1. now go back to "sensor chk" mine read-pressure 2.8 throttle.48(then hold down gas pedal for ten seconds and it shoul read4.5-5) TDC-0 & CMP-0. now turn off the key.
turn key back to "ON". and if everything is ok start the car. if it sounds bad you did something wrong, it should sound normal. if you go to monitor mode and select channel 1 then select Prs and then keep hitting next until you get the rpm, throttle position, cor, and VT on one screen, you can see the displays.
to setup the vtec go to "settings" select #3 V/T cont. and enter when you want the vtec to kick on and off. once you select it, rev you engine past that point and the green light should turn red, pretty kool :wink:
ok thats all i know how to do, soon i will get it dyno tuned and learn more about using this thing.
oh yeah, dont forget to tape the ecu harness back together and make sure the vafc harness is out of the way and bolt the ecu back and the kick panel, and the glove box.

wow, sounds like the VAFC 2 is quite a bit nicer than VAFC 1. TDC display? Color changing VTEC light? Joystick? I'm impressed.

Let's see some photos.
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