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I'm gonna buy an innovative wideband, and since my dash is already off I'm doing the wiring before I get the parts which is sort of a headache.

I have the five wires for the DB green gauge in my triple 52mm A pillar cover's subharness, there's no other wires that need to go to it, right? These are long enough to run all the way to the ECU and then some, I'm probably gonna mount the controller to the underside of the dashboard in a position where I'll be able to see the LED if my head is in foot well.

I have my back lights for my boost gauge and my oil pressure gauge combining in the subharness behind the A pillar, is it gonna be a problem adding the power for the DB green to them or should it be on a separate 12v feed? I was planning on making it separate but I dunno lol. Can I get green replacement bulbs for those gauges? They have white faces so I think this will work. I dunno where I would find these, maybe LEDs with the correct socket as people do with the instrument cluster? I'm probably gonna put green LEDs in that too. And green cloth in my door fabric too. Hooray for black and green theme

How do i wire the controller into the ECU?

How should I route the wire thru the bay and firewall? I have the typical eBay header for now, and I'm gonna practice tuning while it's N.A. so I'm thinking about using the second, lower, oxygen sensor bung.

I think I'm forgetting other questions that I came up with last night I'll add em if I remember :punk:
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