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lol thats what i planned on doing to mine
ive thought about it a lot too

oly thing that i worry about is the primary strength...
but how thick are the actual runners? usually they are pretty much paper thin
i'd be concerned about the strength of the header peice. it wasn't designed to carry the weight of a turbo.
same here

but bracing could help. im thinking making some strong braces that carry the full weight of the turbo. something like, if you took the head flange off, the braces would hold the turbo in midair. that should aleviate any stress on the upper part of the mani
why is the d in an integra?

i tried reading most of that write up and i dont believe they said
i believe the car was bought pretty much stripped, and that was the motor put in due to budget...
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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