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lol thats what i planned on doing to mine
ive thought about it a lot too

oly thing that i worry about is the primary strength...
mine is a 4-1... 2 piece. so i have a solid 2'' diameter to work with.....

mine has some thick assed walls but a vbrave to the edge of the flanges should do fine.....
they look like 16-14 ga i hit one with a hammer and it barely dented.......dont ask why.....

i wonder if a stock 2 peice mani would be able to hold up??
yes..... ****** on here has posted pics of it
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i'd be concerned about the strength of the header peice. it wasn't designed to carry the weight of a turbo.

but still, props for doing something different. hope it works for ya

bracing does wonders....!

why do you think ssac was having their manifolds crack..... they were the same size(thickness) as header piping

and now it is still paper thin... but braced
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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