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If you want to upgrade your Civic and replace its standard, factory headlights with something better and more stylish, Spec-D Black U-Bar Projector LED Headlights definitely deserve your attention! Available for Honda Civic 2006-2011, these headlights are designed to be a direct replacement for your OE lights and exceed their performance.

Spec-D headlights include black housing, clear lens. Bulbs: H1 high beam and H3 low beam. They provide sharper, more focused beam of light for improved visibility and greater safety on the road without blinding oncoming drivers. Equipped with LED U-Bar these headlights have a modern custom look and great brightness. Each set comes with standard halogen bulbs, however you can upgrade it optional LED conversion kits for low and high beams!

Spec-D® - Black U-Bar Projector LED Headlights

Don't be just seen, be remembered with Spec-D Black U-Bar Projector LED Headlights on!
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