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Just want to do a quick customer service review of these to companies. The reason why both companies will be explained.

So it started out with me looking for a smaller profile waste gate. I decided to go with the Turbosmart. After doing some looking I found a good price at

Ben was very helpful and super quick to answer all of my questions. I think i emailed him at 12 at night and he emailed back right away. So after communicating with him I decided to get a Golden Eagle MFG cam gear. Ben said hell box them up together so to save on shipping. Shipping for me is huge living in Hawaii. Most companies use UPS or FedEx. Ben shipped USPS for me.

So got my stuff within 3-5 days of paying for it! Didn't have time to install anything until about a month and a half of receiving it. The waste gate fit perfect, but the cam gear, another story.

The Golden Eagle cam gear didn't fit. It was too small. I emailed Ben and he promptly responded. Asked for pictures of the problem. Within the same day he had me in contact with Golden Eagle MFG. Spoke on the phone with GE MFG and that same day they had a replacement in the mail UPS!!

Well got the replacement and it fits perfect. All they wanted was pictures and an explanation. It was so quick and painless.

Just wanted to give a little review and say that both companies have excellent communication and customer service. I will definitely do business with them again!

Some pics:

Not going on with force.

You can see where its pretty much gouging into the cam gear.

New piece that fits!

Turbosmart 38mm

Side profile. I should've put it next to the Tial that I have to show the size difference
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