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Hello everyone.
Well i was just talking to one the owners of Bullseye Power and he informed me that effective March 1 2009 there will be a Price increase on the Turbos.

The increase will be between 50 and 100 dollars depending on the turbo.

Price increase will affect ALL S series turbochargers (S200, S300, S400, S500) and all other turbos such as the "Old School" T3/t4e 50 and 57 trim with Stainless steel housings (.55 A/R). The .70A/R will remain with th current prices.

So if you want to take advantage of the prices before the increase now is the time to order.

ALL Orders in or before Feb 27 we can guarantee the current pricing for 30 days.

As you guys know we are a Master Distributor for Bullseye Power so we can absolutelly give you the best price on these turbos.

Let us know if anyone needs a turbo.

Thank You
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