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Import Face Off September 23, 07

Import Face Off September 23, 07
Tulsa, Ok @ Tulsa Raceway Park
Humble Performance is doing something that has never been done in Oklahoma before.

We are putting up HUGE amounts of money for the SFWD Class. This is going to be a great way to start Tulsa off on the scene. The track has been newly refinished. Ask around, this is a great track.

As of 6-20-07 we already have $2500 for the pot in SFWD Class.

All you big boys out there need to come and play.

Here will be the payouts for the SFWD Class.

1st- $3000
2nd- $1500
3rd- $500
4th- $400
5th-6th $100
7th-11th $75
12th-16 $50

This should be a HUGE event. Especially in Tulsa, this will be the first event.

You all need to plan on coming out!!

This will be on top of the usaul events,

Car Show-Audio Sound Off- and the other classes for the drags.

The list is really building up for the SFWD class.

I have also set up alot of guys coming up from Dallas, and Houston for the car show.
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