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Import Alliance 2007

Brought to you by NextGear.

NextGear Don will be your contact for the meet.

This year we are going real big! We are expecting atleast 1000 cars this year. Import Alliance is teaming up with multiple websites and crews including and We will be adding a lot of new information about the meet so make sure you come back to the first of ]this thread for additional information.

Last year we had people from 17 states come to our meet and are expecting people to caravan together this summer.

We will be posting up the starting places and routes of the caravans coming to Nashville for the Import Alliance 2007 meet.

We will be charging $1.00 per person for admittance to the meet. We are doing this to offset the price of the stadium. (Dig it out from under your seat)

The dates: July 14th and 15th.

On the 14th we will be kicking it in downtown Nashville partying and such!
There are races at the fairgrounds on Saturday night $5 to spectate $10 to race for all who are interested ill post the directions later. It's 8mins from the hotel.

The 15th is the actual meet!

Happenings at the meet:

1. We will be having seminars through out the day. We will have special guest speakers that will be giving demonstrations and talking about current topics.

2. There will be contests that people will be able to participate in during the day.

3. We are having a DynoDynamics dyno for everyone to test their cars. It will cost $50.00 for 2 pulls.

4. We are also having a section for a swap meet. Please bring your parts for sale.

5. There will be local and national vendors at the meet showing off there products and services.

6. We will be having contests for everyone to particapate.

Valve Cover Build off ]

The Place: Downtown Nashville at the Tennessee Titans Stadium(LP Field) in parking lot R next to the pedestrian Bridge.

Map: 1 Titans Way Nashville, TN 37213-1234, US

We are arriving at 9 a.m. on July 15th and staying until the last person leaves.

Hotel Info: Holiday inn express on broadway in downtown nashville
Mapquest: 920 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 from wherever your coming from the phone # is 615-244-0150 to reserve a room

Please also check travel sites on the web for other hotels in Nashville to stay at during the meet.

I hope everyone that can make it makes it, and everyone that pmed me about it helps me get the word out, and makes this a huge meet.. Feel free to bring some parts that you want to sell. If you are coming from out of state email me at [email protected] if you need directions on how to get there.

We already have over 200 people and all their friends signed up for the meet on just one website. The meet is 5 1/2 months away!!!

These are some great pics from last year. JDM lude dude took them.

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