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I have been studying for a promotional exam the past few months and am fried between the ears. I am sure this is a stupid question, but I would rather ask and KNOW its stupid than be so stupid to not ask...

Crane 0012 cam, AEM 3 bolt cam gear, d16a6, rebuilt head unknown amount of milling.

I have been running on this for a bit but I am suspicious that I flubbed getting timing correct when I put it all together.

Cam gear was I believe set at the 4.75 degrees off due to being on a b7 with a6 cam before.

to start from scratch i am going to loosen the 3 bolts, center the gear, rotate to TDC and verify that the pistons are at TDC and the cam lobes are where they should be...and of course double check all my timing marks.
then assuming i get that corrected, i get a timing light and set my ignition timing to to stock base timing(still using the original crank pulley for the a6).

And then I can go back and see how bad my timing tables are jacked up...and look into dyno once I get my raise later this summer...

this is not hydraulics or pump operations which I have been immersed in the past few I on the right track or a complete retard?
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