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Hey guys working on a friends car in school that he just bought and trying to determine which head he's got. Its got an a6 block with a vtec head. Is there a way to differentiate from the z6 and y8 without taking it off the block?

See above...
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If you cannot access H-T, then see if it part of the below. If not, let us know what you have exactly.

1990 Std D15B1 4sp------PM9-5
1991 Std D15B1 4sp------PM9-3

90 LX D15B2 5sp--------------PM3-9 (9/0) stamped rs of code
91 DX D15b2 5sp---------------PM8-12
93 EG4(EDM) D15B2 5sp-------PM3-8 (9/4) stamp

94 DX D15B7 5sp-------PMS-1
95 DX D15b7 5sp-------PM9-5

D15B (JDM)
92 VTi D15B Auto--- -- P08-1 (9/1)<-- RS of Code

92 VX D15Z1 5sp------P07-1

88 RT D16A6 Auto------PM3-7
90 Si 5spd---------------PM3-1
90 Si D16A6 5sp--------PM3-4

92 Si D16Z6 5sp------- P08-2 (9/2) stamped on RS of code.
93 Si D16Z6 5sp-------P08-4 (9/3) stamped on rs of head
93 EX D16Z6 5spd----- P08-4
93 EX D16Z6 5sp-------P08-3
94 EX D16z6 5 spd---- PO8-2
94 Si D16z6 5sp-------- P08-3
94 EX D16Z6 5sp--------P08-4
94 SI D16z6 5sp -------P08-5
95 EX D16Z6 Auto------P08-2

96 GLi D16Y4 5sp........P2A-2 "96" stamped on right

97 LX D16Y7 5sp-------P2F-HA-2
97 LX D16Y7 Auto------P2F-HA-4 also had USA and (9/6) stamped on it
98 DX D16Y7 5sp------P2F-HA-3 also has USA and (9/7) stamped on it
00 DX D16Y7 Auto -----P2F-HA-7

96 EX D16Y8 Auto------P2J-2 stamped 95 on rs of head
97 EX D16y8 5spd-----P2J-4 --- "97" stamped on the right
97 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P2J-6 "97" stamped on rs of head
97 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P2J-7
97 EX D16Y8 5sp-----P2J-6 "96" stamped on right side
98 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P23-2
99 EX D16Y8 5sp------P2J-4
00 EX D16Y8 5sp------P2J-3 "99" stamped on right side
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