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I know some of you may not like turbokit "packages" but this guy seems to have some good work....but sometimes i really dont know what im talking about. Heres a link to his for sale thread....

Im obviously looking at the AC friendly D series kit, for my D16.

What I want to know the given description.

**** 92-00 Honda Civic (SOHC)****

S*FAB Stage-1 Turbo kit - A/C friendly - PWR/ST friendly (D series)

D15/D16/D17 SOHC AC Cast log manifold. - Flanged For: T3 & 38mm WasteGate
T3, .42/.48AR
35mm wastegate
Dump Tube
FMIC 27x6.5x3
2.5" charge pipes
RFL blow off valve
Tbolt Clamps
Oil Feed flange
Oil Feed line
Oil Return Flange
10foot of Vacuum line
2.5" A/C down pipe with Flex.
12:1 FMU
Missing Link
Walbro255 in-tank pump
Sale Price: $1399.00 Reg. Price: $1599

******** FUEL UPGRADE ********

Add $300 for fuel upgrade
580cc injectors
Walbro255 intank fuel pump
Socketed ECU with basemap BY:
Is any of that stuff good? in terms of quality, reliability....anything missing besides gauges? etc.....and a proper tune? At this point im still not sure if im doing the mini me swap or not....but i know for sure that i will be putting on a better intake manifold, that i know is for certain....

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no, 1500 without good management........

for 1500 you can piece together your own kit and get real management w/ wbo2 , ostrich, burner, etc.
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