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Except I can't really call it Classic Honda because Honda gets pissy when anybody uses their name lol. So it has to be Classic Automotive NC on the legal end of things, and I'm ok with that.
They branded the romanized portrayal of their brand, but not the japanese version!

You could run it as a hybrid name, with roman mixed with kanji: Classic 本田 (hon-da)

Or roman mixed with katakana: Classic ホンダ (ho-n-da)

Or katakata to express "classic" pronunciation in japanese, mixed with the proper kanji: クラシック本田 (Classic Honda)

Or all katakana: クラシックホンダ (Classic Honda)

Then on your business naming legalese, you could put: Classic Hon-Da or Classic Ho-N-Da as your romanized business name, which only has to exist for taxation and recordkeeping purposes, then you're free to style your logo, sign and business cards however you want, so long as you dont directly use the word Honda!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts