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Came across an original xbox already modded with an Xecuter faceplate, 400gb harddrive, multiple loaders, the works.

I am trying to track down some guides so I can...:

A) clean up and refresh with a good starting point

B) redo the format. having 6 or 7 partitions is hard to figure out where to store my...err... "Previously purchased" games and emulators

C) find out the last stable version of unleashed, XBMC, and EVOX

and in general, help me refresh what I have forgotten those LLOOOOONNGG 7 years ago that I was heavy into this stuff!

Considering it is a modchip and fancy faceplate with screen, BIOS buttons, and 2 USB ports, data transfer is a matter of waiting.

I do want to stick a 640gb or maybe an old terabyte IDE drive in it at some point, as when I was initially into modding xbox's, a sata>IDE adapter was very finicky
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