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i got a sohc ZC non-vtec

recently did a liquid change last week

replace oil filters

new battery

so heres thew problem:

i was driving my car yesterday, and it was running fine, drove it home and parked it and it was all good. even started it back up to go to the store about 2 hours later.

this is were the story sucks. i go out today [saturday] about 2 in the afternoon. and i turn on my engine, it runs fine. i drive about 30-40 ft and the engine dies on me, and i have to push it back to my drive way.

i have no clue whats wrong. and i idnd't run out of gas, i still have 1/2 tank.

after this happed i got out checked all the conections to be sure nothing came loose. everything apeared to be fine. i trid turning it on. it cranks but the engine won't start.

so if anyone can help me with my problem id be very grate full. its my only car and i start a new semester on monday.

'92 civic cx hatch single cam 1.6l zc

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does it have a good engine ground?
Yeah, check your grounds, though theoreticly if it cranks the grounds are usualy intact.

Aslo check if you can here the main relay click when you turn the key on.
On older Hondas the solder points in the main relay crack and the car won't start.

Have you checked to see if you have spark at the plug wires?
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