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So my 97 DX autotragic is randomly stalling out again.

-ignition coil good
-ICM seems good, gets power and such
-plugs new
-plug wires NGK are fairly new
-cap and rotor good
-main relay is less than a year old, same part# as oem (rz1032? bad memory)
-fuel pump always heard during key up
-ignition key switch new less than a year
-ignition wiring replaced with back of switch last AUG (2015)
-holding key partially engaged does not assist hard starts

driving symptoms:
-occasionally stutters
-when it stalls dead, 50% of time does not immediately startup, 50% it either fires back up, or takes a few rotations
-gas mileage was much better last 2-3 tanks. never had a hard beeline on numbers, generally 200-240 per tank, lots of city driving

Things Ive checked
-I swapped back to the unknown mileage OEM coil and disty cap.
-cleaned rotor, was nasty corroded (ebay special, 8 months old)
-swapped between unknown mileage mainrelay I had on shelf, with 8 month old one from AZ that matched OEM

-when it stalls out, I cycle the key 3-4 times to verify pump is running, has never failed to run with key

-car drove better with rotor cleaning. I thought that was issue, but it showed up less than a day later

-primary O2 responds, but hits 1.4 volts occasionally. drops to zero with non throttle and coasting at highway
-secondary O2 shows 1.27 volts THERE IS NO SECONDARY O2 INSTALLED!?!?!
-codes for both heater circuits
-unrelated transmission code. countershaft speed sensor bad (unrelated to stalling)
-CEL is constant for 10+ years, dunno if this hurts ecu
-IAT is out in open, dont care, it reads fine

-MAP sensor okay
-TPS okay
-ECT okay
-wiring to distributor verified to ecu okay
-12.06 volts at ICM/COIL when battery is actually 12.5-12.6 (capacitor installed helps keep voltage higher)

OEM honda tech manual checkout of ICM and ignition coil. IN SPEC for btoh!

I gotta run to a job interview, will check this thread later for responses

thanks in advance

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TSB issue for wiring on the back of the block...

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d16y8 owners are the big concern there. But I did see that this summer when I was dealing with wiring harness issues.

As of now, this current harness has that section of the wiring yanked apart, checked, and rewrapped jsut to be safe.

Good catch though!

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it is possible.

oover the course of the alst 5-6 tanks I have used varying amount sof fuel cleaner (Chemtool B12, specifically fuel cleaner)

the last actual tank has been free of any cleaners.

This last tank has also been very similar to all my tanks. ran down to E or below. Have never avoided doing that since I bought the car.

in MAR 2015 when I bought it, it absolutely CHUGGED when it was below 1/4 tank. it took til fall 2015 for it to clear up enough with daily driving to not chug under 1/4 tank

I like the thoughts guys.

I will definitely consider buying a tank gasket and clamps to change the fuel sock just in case sometime soon
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