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I was wondering if anyone knows what all can be exchanged on the D16A6 and the D16A1. Here are a list of questions, please help me out.

1. Can the tranny's be swaped with each other? like can you take the tranny from the D16A6 and put it on the D16A1?

2. Are the blocks just about the same?

3. Will the motor mounts from the D16A1 fit on the D16A6? (this question might sound weird)

4.The main thing that I want to know if how similar they are.

I need to know this because I found a site that shows how to swap a D16A1 (1st gen Integra motor) into a 84-87 cr-x and I want to use a D16A6. Now it tells all of the mounts that are needed and all of the other parts that are need for the D16A1 to fit. I hope that I can use all of the same parts that they have listed on the site to make it fit. Please help!!!!!
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