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i have a big head

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so big in fact that when i am in my crx with my helmet on i can barely fit
i removed the headliner but i need to put it back in to avoid a classification issue

i would like to somehow lower the drivers seat to resolve this issue

has anyone found themselves in a situation such as this?

also i would love to remove the sunroof assy and put in a plug and hf/dx headliner but that would also violate classification guidelines

sincerely, big head
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in my rex, scca ita class raced, tehy actually cut out the oem seat moutn points, so the aluminum sheet the kirkey bucket was bolted to coudl sit abotu an inch lower. then they used long bolts that go through to the underide of the car, and 3 inch square plates with a nut to botl down the seat.
what about having the sunroof open?
lol, i have the same issue in my rex. the top of my helmet skims the roofliner :neutral:
Compress your spine...?

I'm sure if you take your seat out, you can creatively knock out an in or so. Just gotta be creative.
lean back further.

or you can always mill off a few inches off your head, increase the compression! haha.
what about a different seat? arn't the delsol seats real low?
what about having the sunroof open?
it actually contacts the stationary framework for the sunroof

i am looking into other seats but it would be a shame as i am currently sporting mint crx si seats
i think i could cut the floor bars that the seat mounts to if i had to
another option is trying to find a lower profile helmet, though i dont think that would be a huge difference
Lucky me Im tiny and barely reach the pedals hahaha is nice and roomy in my EF hatch but the issue is i have to sit almost near the edge of the seat to reach em!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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