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I am a total noob and need help

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first i know i dont know much at all.. i just go this car and i found out that it has a ex tranny in it, on the cylinder head it has the code P2J-3. i wish to know if it is a y8 head or not or what head it is. so that i know what kind of vtec i have, i just really need the help.. and if it is how will i tell if the mini swap was done right? im really srry.. i just must be fucking ignorant cuz i looked all over the web and couldnt find what head the code is on.. oh and on the right side it has a 98.

p.s. anyone with a 98 ex or hx can you tell me what is on you cylinder head?
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it dont have a 99 on the right side i googled it earlier.. trust me i researched it
thank you very much.. how do i tell what ecu is in it.. doesnt it need the ex ecu?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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