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I am a total noob and need help

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first i know i dont know much at all.. i just go this car and i found out that it has a ex tranny in it, on the cylinder head it has the code P2J-3. i wish to know if it is a y8 head or not or what head it is. so that i know what kind of vtec i have, i just really need the help.. and if it is how will i tell if the mini swap was done right? im really srry.. i just must be fucking ignorant cuz i looked all over the web and couldnt find what head the code is on.. oh and on the right side it has a 98.

p.s. anyone with a 98 ex or hx can you tell me what is on you cylinder head?
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its an ex head.. all you had to do was google the code lol
1990 Std D15B1 4sp------PM9-5
1991 Std D15B1 4sp------PM9-3

90 LX D15B2 5sp--------------PM3-9 (9/0) stamped rs of code
91 DX D15b2 5sp---------------PM8-12
93 EG4(EDM) D15B2 5sp-------PM3-8 (9/4) stamp

94 DX D15B7 5sp-------PMS-1
95 DX D15b7 5sp-------PM9-5

D15B (JDM)
92 VTi D15B Auto--- -- P08-1 (9/1)<-- RS of Code

92 VX D15Z1 5sp------P07-1

88 RT D16A6 Auto------PM3-7
90 Si 5spd---------------PM3-1
90 Si D16A6 5sp--------PM3-4

92 Si D16Z6 5sp------- P08-2 (9/2) stamped on RS of code.
93 Si D16Z6 5sp-------P08-4 (9/3) stamped on rs of head
93 EX D16Z6 5spd----- P08-4
93 EX D16Z6 5sp-------P08-3
94 EX D16z6 5 spd---- PO8-2
94 Si D16z6 5sp-------- P08-3
94 EX D16Z6 5sp--------P08-4
94 SI D16z6 5sp -------P08-5
95 EX D16Z6 Auto------P08-2

96 GLi D16Y4 5sp........P2A-2 "96" stamped on right

97 LX D16Y7 5sp-------P2F-HA-2
97 LX D16Y7 Auto------P2F-HA-4 also had USA and (9/6) stamped on it
98 DX D16Y7 5sp------P2F-HA-3 also has USA and (9/7) stamped on it
00 DX D16Y7 Auto -----P2F-HA-7

96 EX D16Y8 Auto------P2J-2 stamped 95 on rs of head
97 EX D16y8 5spd-----P2J-4 --- "97" stamped on the right
97 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P2J-6 "97" stamped on rs of head
97 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P2J-7
97 EX D16Y8 5sp-----P2J-6 "96" stamped on right side
98 EX D16Y8 Auto-----P23-2
99 EX D16Y8 5sp------P2J-4
00 EX D16Y8 5sp------P2J-3 "99" stamped on right side
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Hers a little trick for next time u have a question..

click on the pic
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it dont have a 99 on the right side i googled it earlier.. trust me i researched it
lol its a y8 head i promise
thank you very much.. how do i tell what ecu is in it.. doesnt it need the ex ecu?
no it dosent pull off the cover (pass kick panel) and see the number letter combo in the middle. ...its prolly a P28
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