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Here's my major setup on my 00 Civic EX:

Engine: D16Y8
MSD Ignition (MSD unit, MSD external coil, MSD ignition wire)
NGK Spark Plugs (BKR7E)
Crower Camshaft (stage 2)
Crower Titanium retainer + springs
Greddy Turbo + intercooler
Custom 2.25" exaust

Here's my dilemma. I know when A/C is turned on, there's a decrease in HP. But on my car, when I turn on A/C, there's a huge difference... it's as if the car is running on just 1 cylinder and the engine vibrates a lot more as if the car was gonna die (sputtering). Do you guys experience this on your turbo'd Civics?

Now I don't drive with A/C on due to this and just roll the windows down, but the car feels as if it was much slower than when the car was completely stock. When going from a complete stop from 1st gear (even without A/C on), the car doesn't even accelerate as fast as when the car was completely stock. It feels more like it's running on just 1 or 2 cylinders.

I'm guessing a few things here:

- clutch isn't gripping (need a new clutch)
- not all of the spark plugs are firing
- problem with distributor cap
- something wrong with the Crower Camshaft and/or retainers/springs
- the car needs another/better tune

I don't see an engine check light, but it's possible an engine check light could come on in a few days. What do you guys think is the problem here? When I have time and the weather permits, I'll try and check out the MSD distributor cap and spark plugs. I'm thinking maybe i was better off leaving the car stock, but it's too late now.

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happened to me, my car would actually die, if I was at a complete stop.... what happened to was there was a pin sized hole in my condensor... leading to extra load to make the AC work properly... when I rebuilt my motor, I just said hell with it and too the AC out... but I am pretty sure thats what yur issue is man.... good luck! :TU:
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