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How to rebuild Greddy TD04 15G Turbo

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Here's a link to a great write up of how to rebuild a td04 turbo. I posted this a few weeks ago, but I guess it was lost after this site crashed.
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nice find.

too bad you can't balance it yourself too.
yeah, that's why you make sure you mark the compressor wheel, nut, and shaft to make sure it stays balanced when you put it back together. that is if you don't have a balance problem in the first place.
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very nice find.
at least someone is trying to be helpful.
Good stuff. I have a thread on this too. I'm thinking of rebuilding mine. I scared I might mess with the balancing.
great read

that was a very good tread very informative for noobs to turbos like me thanks
bringing threads from the dead
It kills me to see people "think" that marking (or scribing) the compressor to the shaft and nut is going to keep it balanced. This is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard or seen. A turbo is a precision built item that is designed to spin at over 150xxx RPM's. In some turbos the turbine and compressor are spining at over 500 meters a second. When a turbo leaves the manufacturer it is balanced to within .1 gram for each side. Then the turbine and compressor and assembeled and spun up to operating speeds and balance again at several different speeds. Sometimes they remove less then .1 gram. The carbon build up on the turbine will throw a turbine off balance. The wear on the compressor will throw them out of balance as well. If you try to clean off the turbine it is very easy to remove minute amounts of material that will throw it out of balance.

Spend the extra $30 to have it balanced and have it done right. Otherwise you are just asking to have the turbo tear up again. 95% of rebuild kits out on the market use upgraded bronze bearings and they do not wear as easy as the factory bearings. Usually they will tear up the turbine instead of wearing like factory bearings do. This is why some people "think" that scribing the turbine keep it balanced when in fact it does not it just sets you up for completely destroying what is left of your turbo.
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Talk about dead thread. I searched, I loved it, it was useful. But I am also sending my shaft and wheels off to get balanced before I put everything back together with the rebuild kit.

mhamrick is right. Get it rebalanced. I'll probably post an aftermath report on this thread once it's all done and put back together.
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