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1 is always crank side. And thats called the front of the motor. Your best bet is either pay someone local to come out and change it for you and you watch and learn or get a helms manual and do it yourself and take your time learning. Its easy. Set it at TDC just before pulling the belt off the timing gear. You only need to turn the adjuster enough to give the belt slack.

Pull the belt off and start from the timing gear - tensioner - water pump then camshaft. If your having trouble getting the belt back on just give your self more slack on the tensioner. Keeping eye on the alignment mark on the timing gear itself and camshaft. Your camshaft is marked two small indents on the gear and a arrow on the oil pump and another indention or engrave line on the timing gear. Keep those in line. Put the belt back on then tighten up the tension on the belt and tighten down the 14mm bolt. I usually put the crank pulley bolt on and turn the motor several times and check the alignment marks. I think your suppose to do that anyways. If all is good. Start putting everything back together.

Depending on miliage I would replace the water pump, cam seals or seal and crankseal. Otherwise do it once or do it twice later down the road. Just prevenitive maintence I guess. Iam suppose to do my sisters car here sometime next weekend.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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