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HOW TO: Post pics and screenshots (BeerDrinkin Productions)

This thread will show you how to post screenshots and pics on this forum. I hope this gets stickied to show people how to get pics on here and they will stay unlike when a photobucket acount gets used up. Sorry about using IE but it is all I have at work.

I will start by showing how to post a screen shot, if you just need to post a pic skip straight to the bottom.

STEP 1: Get the image on the screen centered and hit the "Print Screen" Button (see image below). After that pull up the paint program on your PC. Then click the paste button (see image). Crop the image to make it smaller and then when done go to "SAVE AS" and use the JPEG .jpg format to save. You can also convert other pics to .jpg this way.

STEP 2: Once the file is saved go to the thread you wish to add the picture too. Then if replying to a thread click on the GO ADVANCED option on the reply to bring up a screen like this (image 1 below) and click the "paper clip" thing to attach a file (red square). Click on "Browse" and find the file you are looking for. Once you clicked the file you hit "Upload" and you will see the file name pop up below (image 2). Click on the image name and it will pull up a seperate window with that pic in it now. Copy that URL (web adress) and then click on the yellow postcard/mountain thing (green box image1). Paste the website in that window that pops up and it will post the pic.

Image 1

Image 2:

Posting a pic: If your photos are already hosted on another site then just gather the direct URL for it and use the button located in image 1 in the green box and paste it there.



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