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how to adjust cam gear ??

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how do you adjust a cam gear on sohc engines ? ? ?

and what does it do

some peopl have said retarding gives u better mid range

and advancing gives u better top end...

so what does it do and how do u do it ??
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A cam gear dosen't really do anything for a sohc motor only gives about 2hp!
Upgrade your cam!!!!!
yeah i am.. but same princible occurs when u upgrade the cam...
Your motor is
well basically i know to loosen the cam bolts.. turn the crank and then retighten everything..

but do u have to do anything to ignition timing ?? coz i dont think my dizzy is adjustable..

engine is a d16y1.. or a z6 in ur country :D

also ive heard these engines are free spinnerss.. i.e if cam belt brakes u wont bend valves.. is that correct ? ? ?
I'm not sure what your mods are? at one time I was allmotor (d16y8) I had a stage 2 cam w/cam gear, vtec controller and a chipped ecu. With that I notice a big diff. When you adj. that cam gear remember that you will lose top or bottom end. depending what u want. yes! the dizzy you'll have to play with alittle! As far as the timing belt dunno??
advance = bottom
retard = top

Think about it . . . the valves in relation to the piston.
dyno your car
(Toddnos dyno your car)

Dyno is the only way to adjust a cam gear properly, You can do it by the seat of your pants but the hp-tq gain/ loss probbaly wont be great enought for you to feel. Get car on dyno and play with timing and gear. Usually start by advancing 2 degrees and then retarding 2 degrees and see where your gain or loss is. Good luck
advance = bottom
retard = top

Think about it . . . the valves in relation to the piston.
thats what iw as afta .. thanks

if u advance the cam.. the valves open earlier.. but close earlier then normal..
giving more air in the chamber but less scavenging...

if u retard teh cam the valves open lata and they close lata.. giving better scavenging... but less air in the combustion chamber...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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