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While this is a short review for a Hakosuka (Nissan, not Honda), it might help somebody who is starting from zero:

Nissan Skyline GT-R Hakosuka 1972

Equipped with a Haltech computer, I have not had a problem not even once. And whenever I want to make a small change, I can totally do it on my own. After switching to fuel injection, I can truly start it in just one shot. My wish of “Hanging around in my Hakosuka” seemed to have been fulfilled. Even late at night it starts without any problem, just like any modern car! … it sounds a little weird, but this is the best way I can explain it.

If anybody would tell me “I wanted to change to fuel injection, but…”, I will tell them “Do not give up!”, and immediately I would recommend a Haltech. But also keep in mind that this kind of process will cost you at least 2 million yen (approx. 20 thousand dollars.) Would it better just to buy a new car instead? (lol)
I was just sharing this post with some Japanese friends, and they were surprised that in the US you rather prioritize acceleration. Not that there is nobody like that over here, but in general they wouldn't mind sacrificing some speed in order to keep the balance of the engine.

this post reminds me of back in the day , converting shit box cars to run Megasquirt efi and slapping what ever turbo we could get our grubby hands on it ,shit hasn't changed much ..

different strokes for different folks ,

whats the point of a balanced engine if it can't do 3rd gear tire smoke.?
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