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how much to swap a6 piston into d16z6?

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hello everybody! you guys know how much i should pay to put d16a6 oversize pistons into my d16z6? i called my shop today and they said it will cost around $2000...? is this right? they said they will have to send my engine to a machine shop and check and balance everything prior to installing it... can't they just remove everything, bore the cylinder then put the pistons? thanks again guys for your help!
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for 2000$ you could have a b16 installed in your car... or a b18b with some mods...
Bore, hone, new rings, replaceing and sizing new bearings, parts and labor. $2K sounds high, but if there balanceing, removeing and replaceing the engine and blueprinting everything it's not unbelievible.
I rebuilt my entire D with p29's new everything with machining it cost me 700 cdn!! All OEM parts. Mind you I did it myself. The only thing the machine shop did was bore the block and put the new pistons on my rods!
i paid 500 for line bore, deck ,ball hone, balance, assembley, throw in ten bucks a rod or so to press on new pistons...
thanks guys for all the good info!
cost me 40 bucks to press pistons onto rods. that's it!.
-but, in you case, you have to bore, hone, balance...etc.
-might as well get a b16a for all that trouble. -same horsies, and still room to upgrade-
shit you dont even have to take the block and tranny out, take off the head and oil pan, take out the rods and pistons, get the a6's pressed on, throw on sum new rings with sum acl rod bearings, and throw it all back together.
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