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Taking an a6 block to the machine shop tomorrow. It's for a daily driver a6 block, z6 head motor. The head had .008 shaved during rebuild. This leaves me at 10.15:1 according to the zealautowerks calculator.

So I of course am getting the block decked, I'm just wondering if I should take any extra off to bump the compression.

Here's the real deal though...... I drive the shit out of this car. Lot's of miles, so i don't wanna have to run premium. Gas is expensive enough getting the cheap shit.

So can I pull much more compression without having to back off the timing? I know some people will say "with tune" but there isn't anybody around here I trust to tune my car, and I don't feel like laying down the cash for tuning equipment at this point (student).
So... Should I have the machinist just fuzz the block to get it true or take a little extra off for some compression?
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