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How much power can a bone stock head take?

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If I build my block soon, the head will be completely stock for a while but I was hoping to hit close to 300whp...will all the stock components in the head hold up to that kind of power?
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the 400+hp Vitara sedan is running a 100% stock head and IM

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do you have a link to the vitara sedan? I want to take a look at this car and its specs, i have a sedan also.
400 hp here with nothin on the top end.
fast2camciv believes that im probobly making more in the range of 430 to 450 now based on his 127 mph trapspeed. ill have to see in the spring when i take it to the dyno with a batch c16 and 25 psi. im very tempted to have a port and polish, larger tb, and maybe cam in the future which whould greatly benefit the sohc. but as you can see, good power can be made from a very simple settup.
i can't wait to crank my boost up since stock heads make such good power...mine should be making a rediculous amount :)
you dont need to do any headwork for 300... but it always helps!
Port and Polish....and an Intake manifold/TB...make it that much more benifical...and if your pulling the head of anyways to replace head studs (ARP) and a HG...then why not complete the flow since u might be shoving 20-25 PSI down its fast as possible........
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