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How do you port match your IM to your TB the right way?

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Ok I may not have as much money as I thought so I probably won't be buying a Skunk2 or Edelbrock IM...but I still want something to help out my lil boosted D up top a little more. Im considering grabbing an ITR throttle body and port matching my IM to it. Is it a pretty straight forward procedure or is it easy to fuck up? I know you use a dremel and just bore the IM out but I don't know the right way to do it and there's always the gasket to worry about as well. Anybody have a good write up explaining how to do everything the proper way or mind explaining it to me? Thanks a lot in advance!
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If you want something to help your boosted d then go ahead and keep your head and IM + TB stock for now. Now the most simple part of all... Up your boost. If you don't think you can go any higher, then build your bottom end.

The amount of horsepower you will gain by port matching will be minescule compared to raising your boost by one lb.
There are several write ups already on this board. Superhonda and honda-tech do as well. Pictures and everything. Search, man.
Hmm...maybe you're right. When I hit the dyno, we're gonna tune it at 10lbs and see what kind of power it makes and see how well it holds together. All I'll have is ARP head studs and a new head gasket. I may be building a block here soon though. Just took apart my y8 block and the crank looks excellent and so do the sleeves. If I build it, Im putting Vitara's in it with Eagle rods and a block gaurd and running about 18lbs. If I decide to do that, then Im not getting anything else to make more power on this motor as it is. I'll just run the 10lbs and have fun until the other motor is built. I'll probably just pick up some HID's and a rear lip or something. Thanks man
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