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Hey guys

Im in need of some part numbers so I can look around and order shit on

I need
D16A6 Headgasket (88Si)
D16A6 Intake Manifold Gasket
D16a6 Rear main Oil seal

Now ofcourse I might need other shit but not that I know of. Is there a directory where you can look all this shit up? seems to comlicated to find the right one

Hope someone can help

91 CRX Si
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You should be able to find those by simply navigating Majestic Honda's site.
I know some parts will pop up with several different Part#'s but i'm pretty sure they are all the same part. I've bought stuff from them many times.
The head gasket is under the category for Cylinder Head, part # 83211 or 83212
Intake manifold gasket is under category intake manifold is:part #'s 83960, 83961, 83962
Front main oil seal under category cylinder block/oil pan part #'s are: 53278 or 29040
Hope this helps
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