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what fun is a turbo civic if you can't cook with it!

So as I was getting ready to go off to an antique car & tractor show,It was going to be a short 30 minute drive ,I wasn't ready to eat so I put my snack on the front burner.

Here is a list of ingredients

1:A turbo D series at 13+ psi (this is to achieve the proper cooking heat to fun ratio).

2:white bread (the whiter the better).

3:Meat(any kind will do ,I used pork roast).

4:Cheese(what ever you got).

5:Lube( :) you know to help choke this crap down ,I put ketchup and shiracha sauce,if all you have is beer that will do as well).

6:Hot peppers (this is optional ,all you old folks don't try and be tough now).

7:Tinfoil ( wrap that shit up tight were going for a ride).

8: Some kind of tether (so you don't loose your lunch).

so make your sandwich ,I'm not going to tell you how (if you need help ask a grown up like your mom or an uncle )

Wrap your meal up in the tinfoil (make sure it wont leak on your fullrace turbo mani)

now go Install this bad boy on your turbo!

After we are satisfied that it won't end up on the highway ,lets go BOOSTING!

depending on your turbo set up expected cooking time about 16 minutes per side.

caution very hot!

if you think its burnt more beer is needed.


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There's actually a cookbook out there for this stuff. My parents got for me for christmas one year. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, mostly because most of my favorite recipes require a buick V6. It's in a box somewhere, I'll have to pull it out and post some up.
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