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After months of pondering what direction to go to give this car more power I settled on doing a D16 turbo set up

Deciding factors for me were:

- Turbo will suit the long gear ratios of a standard gearbox

- My other car is NA and i want to have the experience of building/owning a turbo car (for better or worse)

I'm going to need the help of the forum for the inevitable things that are going to catch me out

build spec is as follows:

Fresh D16y4

Avo cast turbo manifold (and hopefully cast downpipe)

Garrett GT28, internal waste gate 7psi actuator

Walbro 255 in tank pump

Evo 510cc injectors

EK4 engine harness

P28 with S300 - dyno tune

Ford Falcon XR6 turbo BOV

Mercedes S600 water to air intercooler

Bosch water pump

Automatic EK radiator (dual core)

Holden astra pusher fan (aim is to retain AC)

2.25" X-force cat back

That's about it

Expect a bunch of stupid questions as I work this out

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Gday from QLD.
Hey, i've been lurking on for a while. Finally got around to posting

I've made some progress on the plumbing and I have a couple of questions which i'll put at the end of the post

I'm trying to use 1/4" hardline for most of the turbo oil feed line

I'll make a couple of brackets to support it, one off the back of the block (which will support weight of oil sensor) and another off the front of the valve cover

I've use 3/8" hardline to form part of the water return line, i'm going to weld a barb onto the water outlet which bolts onto the head and return the water from the turbo there

The GT28 came with a chinese S15 dump pipe

I really wanted to try find an AVO/GReady cast dump pipe but i'm not having any luck finding just a dump pipe

So in the meantime i've cut up the S15 one, it's going to be very close to the AC compressor but hopefully it's all good

The questions I have are:

- What do people typically do with the EVAP system when they turbo a Honda?*

- The EK4 loom has two plugs on it, one is intake air temp sensor (which the D16y4 doesn't have, but i'm going to mount in the intake pipe) what is the other identical plug for? Knock sensor?*


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