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When the engine came from the factory do you know what cross hatch pattern it comes with and what grit is the liner honed.
what is company recommended clearance.

When you re-bore what is the most popular grit you guys use.
And do you brush / paltue hone after ?

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Straight from factory service manual

Measure cylinder bores as shown on page 7-12. If
the block is to be re-used, hone the cylinders and
remeasure the bores .
2. Hone cylinder bores with honing oil and a fine (400
grit) stone in a 60 degree cross-hatch pattern.
• Use only a rigid hone with 400 grit or finer stone
such as Sunnen, Ammco, or equivalent .
• Do not use stones that are worn or broken.
3. When honing is complete, thoroughly clean the
engine block of all metal particles. Wash the cylinder
bores with hot soapy water, then dry and oil immediately
to prevent rusting.
NOTE: Never use solvent, it will only redistribute
the grit on the cylinder walls.
4. If scoring or scratches are still present in cylinder
bores after honing to service limit, rebore the
engine block.
NOTE: Some light vertical scoring and scratching
is acceptable if it is not deep enough to catch your
fingernail and does not run the full length of the
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