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I got d16y7 fully built with hondata s300. The hondata is not doing shit not showing nothing. If i go to show ECU informantion nothing is in the blanks.Shuld there be? :(

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fried bored. absolutely be sure that all your sensors are on properly. otherwise the mixed up voltages will fry the ECU or the S300 unit itself.

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usb is hooked up, i am new at this,the motor was running fine before i put in the new car so i think all the sensors are on propely. heres my setup


d16y7 sleeved
cp pistons
eagle h beam rods
eagle crank

d16y8 vtec ported & polished
3 angle vavle job
new stainless valves

stock lx tranny (for now)
act clutch &flywheel

turbo setup
log manifold
2.5 icp
tial 38mm wastgate
greddy bov

hondata s300
innovate wideband

walboro 255 hp pump
dsm 450's with resistor box
aeromotive fpr and guage


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ok is the map loaded on the board? i can walk you through all this very easily.
1: Remove the ECU from the vehicle
2: Take off the top ECU cover and remove the S300 unit.
3: Inspect the S300 for any signs of burn marks, broken traces, etc. and set aside for a few minutes.
4: Remove the bottom ECU cover and inspect the ECU top and bottom for any signs of burn marks, lifted or broken traces or components.

[NOTE: If any kind of damage or thought to be damage is seen in steps 3 or 4 post up pics before you do anything on your own. I'll help you out.]

5: If the ECU and S300 unit pass visual inspection place the bottom ECU cover back on the ECU.
6: Place the S300 unit back into the ECU carefully. Make sure that all the pins are in the S300 unit properly.
[NOTE: This was a problem on a friends car after multiple attempts to get S300 working. The board will feel much more snug and secure when its properly installed]
7: Leaving the Top ECU cover off plug the ECU back into the cars harness.
8: Turn the ignition key forward
9: S300 should light green.
10: Turn the ignition off for now.
11: Take your laptop with S300 on it and load a P28 stock map.
12: Go to Fuel Trim and change the Current Injector Size to 450cc, stock should be 235 or 240. I forget.
13: Save File As a different filename.
14: Now turn the key forward again without starting the car.
15: Go to 'Help' -> 'Update USB Drivers'. When its done you should get a Prompt about it being successful.
16: Go to 'Online', and 'Upload' should be an option if they are connected.
17: Upload your map onto the board, while its transferring a light should be flickering.
18: Try and start the car.
Now if all of that worked, and your car doesn't start... You have other problems my friend.
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