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In 2013, the annual event, HondaFest, was being held for the first time at Trafficport Venlo. During this first, successful edition, over 900 Honda’s found their way to HondaFest. The participators weren’t only from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France and Switzerland. During the first edition, the Honda Integra was put in the spotlight and will again get its own theme during the 2014 edition. This year, the Honda DelSol will be the centre of attention. The Honda S2000 was also very present at the first edition. The Honda S2000 form was, with over a 100 Honda’s, the club that had the biggest stand at HondaFest!

The Ultra Racing Handling Course has been proven a success during the first edition of HondaFest and the participants were getting more and more excited. Honda drivers are able to show how in control they are of their Honda. The competition element is to finish as quickly and as flawless as possible. Diverse changes will be made to make the Ultra Racing Handling Course even more attractive, such as an increased terrain surface.

Trafficport, the location of the event, is an automotive centre with a 'wet track'. Therefore we are able to let the visitors and competitors have a go in this 'wet track' adventure. Participation is completely free and signing up is already possible!

The first Honda DelSol was produced in 1992 and can’t be missed in the Honda scène ever since. In Spanish, DelSol means ‘from the sun’ and that’s why the organisation of HondaFest chose to give the DelSol during this edition a special place! Sign up in advance and get a discount!

Due to success, the Honda Integra will again get its own area at the paddock during HondaFest 2014. This section had approximately 70 international Integra's and we’re hoping for a massive increase. So could we reach the 100 this year?

Controversial, that was the Retro Corner! HondaFest’s visitors were enthusiastic about the unique models that gathered together. Because of the great success of the Retro Corner last year, it’ll make it’s comeback this year, at HondaFest’s second edition! The S800 club and the German Honda Youngtimer form signed up with a lot of special models last year. All the youngtimers that will sign up in advance, have a chance to get free entry. The organisation will make a selection.

Sign up in advance and pick the three categories that you’d like to participate in, at the Show & Shine competition. Signing up is already possible. Information on how you’re able to participate, participation requirements and other information can be found on the HondaFest website.

Make sure you visit the new website: HondaFest 2014 - Europe's biggest Honda event - Welkom op HondaFest
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